1. Will I loose my dealer warranty if I come to Ultra Tune for my service?

No, your statutory warranty will not be affected by having one of my service outlets service your car, we use high quality parts and lubricants and stamp you service book.

2. I brought a car from my local dealer and they have given me an extended warranty, what does this mean for servicing?

If you have been given an extended warranty by the dealership than this is different to your Manufacturers warranty and will usually involve a service contract, what this means is you could service your car with us and the factory warranty will not be affected but at the end of your factory warranty the extended warranty will take over and the Dealer contract will usually have a condition that to take advantage of the extended warranty on offer you must service the car at their dealership for the whole period of warranty, including Manufacturers warranty portion. It is very important you read any warranty contract you enter into.

3. I want to go on holidays to another state, what should I do if I have any car problems while I am away?

All our Ultra Tune services are covered by a Nationwide warranty at over 240 Ultra Tune stores across Australia so you are never far from help. The Ultra Tune warranty system is great for customers who do travel long distances from home and to unfamiliar places. If you were to have a warranty issue all the dealings are done internally within the Ultra Tune system saving you time and money when you should be away relaxing.

4. How does Ultra Tune Roadside work and what times can it be used?

Ultra Tune have a range of different types of cover, the most common type is the 6 month cover we give you FREE of charge with your regular car servicing, this warranty is Australia wide and valid for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. To view all the terms and conditions log onto ultratune.com.au

5. I want to buy a car from another state, what do I need to do to register it in NSW?

Our Penrith North and Penrith South stores are registered Blue slip stations, a Blue slip is required by the RMS to confirm the car is roadworthy and safe to be driven on NSW roads, we also do motorbikes, trailers and caravans as well as LPG vehicles. Bookings are essential for Blue slips so please phone to make an appointment.

6. My car is a work car and through a fleet company, can I service it with you?

Yes, Ultra Tune have central billing accounts with nearly every fleet company across Australia, it is as simple as just booking your car in with us and we will do the rest.

7. I need tyres for my car, can you recommend a solution for me?

At Ultra Tune we do tyres and wheel balancing in all 3 of our stores, we can usually source most brands of tyre depending on your needs, our Penrith North and Penrith South stores has a laser 4 head wheel aligner for accurate wheel alignment settings, phone any of our stores today for a quote.